Monday, 7 July 2014

Hello! I'm after some new black heels... Pondering some Windsor Smith Gillies or a Senso pair of Rileys. Do you have any ideas for new black heels, good for parties or for a ball? x

Hello lovely,

I love the idea of new black heels- they are always a necessity. Sorry for the delayed response by the way, I have been overseas! 

In answer to your question, I have checked out both the Windsor Smith and the Senso pair, and in all honesty I can't decide which pair I love more! The Windsor Smith Gillies look perfect for achieving a sexy sort of look with their stiletto type heel and lace up detailing. However, the Senso Rileys seem a little more casual with their wedged heel. 

If you're wanting to purchase a pair specifically for parties or a ball then I would definitely opt for the Windsor Smith Gillies, simply because the heel height seems a little more appropriate for that sort of occasion. 

Make sure you purchase a pair that you know will last, ensuring that they are of good quality. Otherwise they won't last you more than one occasion! 

Hope this helps you



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