Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hey lovely. I am in desperate need of some style advice for a wedding I am attending in Spring at Noosa. Any suggestions? 
Carly xx

Hi Carly 

A Spring wedding in Noosa? What an absolutely glorious occasion! Spring time in Queensland is one of the best times of the year, as it's not too warm and the weather is just right. Spring weddings are also great because they allow guests to pretty much wear and style an outfit which ever way they like, because as I said, the weather is ideal for this sort of occasion. 

Styling an outfit appropriate for a Spring wedding in a tropical, beachside location is a little tricky. Firstly, you never want to appear too casual. However, you never want to overdress and appear as though you're heading to a nightclub. 

In terms of choosing the perfect colour for a dress, opt for something on the more neutral or pastel side. This could be a beautiful dusty pink, pale blue or even silver toned dress, that still has a touch of colour, but doesn't stand out too much. A maxi style dress is an excellent go-to for a beachside wedding, styled with a fun pair of heels that will easily jazz up the outfit. If the wedding ceremony is on the sand however, make sure that you wear a pair of cute sandals, and then change into the heels later on. Trust me, walking in heels on the sand is a definite no-go. 

If you're a girl that loves to wear a shorter style of dress, still stick with the same colour palette. You could even wear a lightly patterned dress with a cute floral print, that simply adds a gorgeous touch to the outfit, that is still appropriate. 

Styling hair is super tricky when attending a beachside wedding, especially if the ceremony is on the beach, as coastal winds can certainly cause havoc to your look. If you want to wear your hair down, then definitely pin a little bit of it back into gorgeous braid style, just to ensure that your hair isn't flapping around and in your face too much. Or, you could opt for an incredible up- do, or a bun at the nape of your neck. These styles always work with dresses that are designed to show off your neckline or back. 

Make-up wise, I think it is important to keep your look as natural and as fresh as possible. Opt for either eye make up OR a pop of colour on the lips, never both. Its important to ensure that your look flows, and matches perfectly. 

For styling jewellery and accessories, also keep it understated, but still elegant at the same time. Stick to one colour or tone, that matches your dress and shoes, and wear only a few key pieces. If your dress has a high neckline or is heavily detailed on the top half, steer away from over styling with jewellery as this will make the look appear too complicated. 

The key for styling for a Spring, beachside wedding is to keep a light and elegant style base in mind.  This way you will look fresh and vibrant, but not too OTT.  

If you require any further advice on a particular dress, then please do ask me or email me at, I would love to help you! I absolutely adore weddings, so this was certainly a favourite question of mine to answer. 

Good luck with your styling and I hope you have an incredible time!



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