Saturday, 14 June 2014

Hi doll! I really want a fashionable, good quality hat that I can take to europe with me this coming summer. Do you recommend any brands or shops? I want a fedora-style one but with flat brim all the way around, not one that curls up at the back if you get what I mean. The one you're wearing in your pic is good but maybe a little wider than I would like. Any suggestions? Xx

Hello beautiful

How lucky are you to be heading to Europe this summer! You are certainly right, a good quality hat is a MUST HAVE item for your overseas wardrobe. I definitely recommend checking out and their range of fedoras. They specialise in ones that have the exact shape you are after with the flat brim all the way around. They also have a range of colours, sizes and shapes to choose from.

I own a Lack of Colour fedora and seriously love it. It comes with me on every holiday I go on, and the wearability and durability of it is amazing. I have one of the smaller sized ones, but you can definitely purchase a shape that is a little wider.

Asos and Topshop also have fedoras. However, I am unsure of their quality and wearability, so I certainly recommend checking out Lack of Colour.

Enjoy your holiday!



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