Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hey girl, I need to invest in a little black dress, but I don't know what kind of style to choose! I want a dress that will still be fashionable in a few years, and is versatile. What do you think? x

Hello lovely,

I know you sent this ask days ago, so firstly I want to apologise for my very late response! I have been sunning it up in Hamilton Island (pictures to come). 

In answer to your very good question, finding the right LBD is super important. Firstly, you need to consider your body shape when finding a little black dress. Do you want to enhance your top or bottom half, hide or show off certain areas, and what exactly is your style? These questions certainly need to be answered before you start shopping. Finding the right dress for your body shape is key to ensuring that your LBD will not only stay fashionable and versatile, but will also last you years and outfits to come. 

In my opinion, having a few LBD's in your wardrobe is a must. This means, finding a few different styles that you can wear for different occasions and seasons. In terms of styles, there are a variety to choose from. However like I said, make sure you find one that is perfect for your body shape and size. 

I hope this helps you! Happy shopping, and feel free to send me any images of dresses you are looking to purchase!



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