Friday, 30 May 2014

 Hey Jem! What do you think of cropped tops -- yay or nay? I feel like I would love to wear one, as they look so good when styled correctly! What do you think? Are crop tops good or bad?

Hello beautiful!

Someone asked me this EXACT question yesterday, and my response was exactly this: If you feel comfortable enough to wear one, then go for it! 

You're very right, when styled correctly a crop top can look incredible. Style it incorrectly, and you run the risk of looking a tad unfinished and little tacky. I definitely enjoy the matching crop top trend at the moment. That is, a matching set of top and bottoms. In saying this however, I believe that you should keep the colour palette of the outfit neutral- so stick to a single colour or two colours that go really well together. This is to stop the outfit from appearing messy and tasteless.

What I also love about the crop top trend is that you can pair a structured blazer or jacket over the top to provide a really polished look. Its also a way in which you can keep the look clean, and finish it off. 

When buying a crop top, make sure it fits you. A crop top that is too short or loose, just wont look right, and you'll end up feeling uncomfortable. Also, ensure that you're wearing a crop top that makes you and your body feel comfortable- this is the most important part. 

Hope this helps!, thank you so much for your question



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