Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hey lovely, can you please show me a few ways to style a leather jacket, so I don't look like a biker? I have trouble making it look feminine! Xx

Hello beautiful,

The thing with leather jackets is that if they aren't styled correctly, you do unfortunately run the risk of looking like you've just stepped off a Harley Davidson. Unless of course, you want to look like this. 

If you don't, then there are definitely a few ways you can style a leather jacket correctly. The trick, is to make your outfit feminine, as the jacket already has quite a man-like style to it, and is quite structured already. 

Firstly, over a cute mini skirt with either bare legs or stockings (depending on the weather). This is such a feminine way to wear the jacket as it combines both structure with a touch of class. By contrasting the two styles, it provides an excellent balance between a both structured and feminine look. 

Second, with a pair of high-waisted shorts, again with either bare legs or stockings. This is also another way in which you can pull off a great contrasting look, however this style is a little more masculine. To add some femininity, I would pair the high-waisted shorts with a chiffon shirt, or something with a little frill. 

Finally, with a pair of leather pants or black jeans. This is a super sexy look for an evening out, when you want to add a touch of edge. Style your outfit with a sleek hair-do and a touch of red lipstick! 

Make sure your leather jacket fits you correctly. There is nothing worse then owning one that is far too slouchy and swamps you. The key to wearing a leather jacket is to also ensure that you don't overdo the look either! Practice with different outfits, and see what works for you!

Thank you so much for your question!



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