Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Hey Bellamente, I'm a uni girl, I'm out and about every single day running through uni, to the nash and lunches and dinners with friends, and as these colder months are upon us i always seem to be running to my 2 favourite pairs of jeans, but i wear them every day!! I hate being cold but i absolutely love fashion, do you have any tips on other outfits i can wear that will be comfy, practical and stylish? thanks xx em.

Hello Darling!

Wow! You sound like a very busy woman, I love it. I can definitely relate to you right now. If I'm not at university then I'm either at work, out for lunch or at the library- so I always opt for super comfortable, yet stylish and edgy clothing for the days when I'm running around like a headless chook. By the sounds of things you can either do one of two things (or both really). 

a) Head to Sass and Bide and check out their sale on denim jeans! The entire store is incredible, their jeans are incredible, and you certainly get what you pay for. Also, did I mention they have a sale on at the moment? Considering you are wearing your two favourite pairs of jeans all the time, then you definitely are a jeans girl; therefore you need to purchase yourself some more! What I love about autumn/winter styling is that you have options for denim. Blue, black, coloured, printed, patterned, cropped, skinny- you name it, now is the time when its certainly acceptable to own around 50 pairs of the bad boys!

b) Its time to get those legs out (covered with stockings of course). What I find practical, comfortable and also quite stylish is wearing a pair of black dress shorts over stockings and adding ankle boots or ballet flats to complete the look. You can also do this with winter style knitted or jersey skirts, which can easily be paired with flats if you have a busy day ahead of you and are on your feet. 

Another garment that I adore wearing in winter is the winter dress. Usually its knitted or constructed from jersey or cotton and its SUPER comfortable and classy. Pair it with knee high or ankle boots and some cute, statement accessories that will give you some edge. Don't forget to add a jacket or coat over the top! I recommend investing in a couple of good quality jackets/coats for winter. One should always be black, and another should be coloured, whether it be grey, tan or a bright tone.

I hope this helps you! If you see me at the National Library sometime in the next week or two then come over and say hello, I will most likely be the girl in the back corner, procrastinating!


J xx


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