Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hey Jem, I'm going overseas soon and I'll be in the US for a few days. I know a lot of brands are quite a bit cheaper there, so I want to invest in a few key pieces. I know you're heading to the US soon too, so I'm interested in what you would recommend? Thanks lovely xx

Hello lovely lady!

Wow! Lucky you heading to the US! East or West coast? Indeed it is a lot more cheaper over there, and at the moment the exchange rate isn't too bad! In my opinion, when going overseas, have as much money as you can saved, because you never know what you will need it for! Unplanned shopping trips always turn out to be the best ones, and shopping in the US from what I have heard is incredible for Australian's. 

I would definitely try and visit stores such as Topshop, HnM and Zara; as these not only are cheaper in America, BUT they also have a larger range of stock. Also, don't forget that you will be purchasing items that are for a season ahead of Australia (thats the best bit!). Without fail I will always head to these retailers when I am O/S. 

For more specific brands, companies like Nike, Adidas, generally any of the sports stores will have workout gear that is a lot cheaper then in Australia. The high end, designer brands will be a tad cheaper also. Head to department stores such as Barneys and Saks (if you're going to New York), as well as Nordstrom to get some excellent bargains. Also, you must visit Sephora! 

Enjoy your trip you lucky lady!


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