Saturday, 17 May 2014

How did you learn so much about fashion? all the body shapes, whats in trend and how you style them? xxx

Good morning lovely! 

Research and experience is how I have learnt and developed knowledge around all things fashion; and I assure you that I certainly have a lot more to learn. Over the past few years I have involved myself in a variety of fashion related jobs and experiences that has very gratefully allowed me to learn so much about the industry. 

Body shape dressing is something that I think you're always developing and constantly learning about, as it takes years to perfect dressing for your body shape. I learnt the basics about it whilst I was studying overseas last year, and also I deal a lot with it whilst working for an online clothing store, where I am always writing about and photographing clothing that is designed for different body shapes. 

Learning about what's on trend and how to style it is definitely developed through constantly keeping up with fashion magazines, both Australian and internationally, as they will tell you what to expect, and how to wear it. Also, I think a great way to learn about what's on trend and how to wear it is from watching other people on the street, in movies and through photography and seeing how they put particular outfits together. 

I think with fashion it is definitely important to immerse yourself in a variety of jobs and experiences, so that you get a broad range and understanding of the industry and what it is all about. Like I said however, there is already so much more that I want to learn!

Thank you for you question, I hope this helps!



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