Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hey Jem! Can you show me some examples of styling boyfriend jeans? And also, what are your thoughts on BF Jeans and flat shoes? Doable or not? How can I make it work?? Thanks lovely! x

Hello fellow fashionista,

Boyfriend jeans...such a staple and on- trend item at the moment! In my opinion, there are three ways in which you can style boyfriend jeans. With heels, ankle boots, or flats. 

Wearing boyfriend jeans with heels is a great way to style up an outfit especially for a night out, as they will instantly add 'lift' to the outfit. They will also help you will pull off a slouchy/chic look if you pair them with a structured shirt and jacket as well. I would recommend wearing heels that are open at the foot, so they appear to elongate your legs. 

Boyfriend jeans and ankle boots is what I generally wear, as this is great for a casual day look; when you still want some added height. Ankle boots are excellent because they cut off just where the boyfriend jean hem ends, making for a structured silhouette, and super edgy look.

In terms of pairing boyfriend jeans with flats, it's a little more tricky. This is because if you're a short girl, then you run the risk of looking too drowned out and a little bit boxy. So, I suggest that you purchase a pair of boyfriend jeans that are a little more fitted around the legs, but still have the BF jean look. A great pair of BF jeans and flats can certainly take you places; and you will be super comfortable. 

Boyfriend jeans are great, but make sure that you own a pair that fit you. Yes they are designed with a relaxed fit, BUT if not fitted correctly, they will look like a sack. I've attached some inspiration picks to help you as well. I personally love Olivia Palermo's look of her fitted boyfriend jeans with the cute ballet flats!

I hope this helps you beautiful! 



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