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I need so much help! I dont like wearing pants, so stockings are difficult, can you provide me with some links to some great alternatives!?!?! Also, because i usually wear skirts and dresses, i find it hard to choose a jacket, suggestions? Also, where did you get that picnic rug jumper, i simply need it! do you have a link?

Hello there lovely!

It certainly sounds like you have yourself in a little dilemma. First of all, lets get one thing straight: why don't you enjoy wearing pants? Is it because you find them uncomfortable?, or that you don't like any styles? For me, I am a pants girl for the most of autumn/winter, purely because I find that there are so many varieties and styles available to wear; even ones for those that hate them! Have you tried looking at the slouch style pant or harem pant? These are styles of pant that aren't constructed from your usual denim, and are super comfortable. What I love about slouchy pants is that they can be dressed up or down! I always go for ones that have elasticised ankles and waistband, for extra comfort, and a touch of structure. Check out Seed for some excellent casual pant options, that are also super stylish!

If you truly aren't a fan however, then skirts and dresses are your go-to. If you don't like stockings either, then have you tried pairing leggings underneath your skirt or dress? I always say leggings should never be worn as pants, so this is an excellent alternative to wearing them. Purchase yourself a knitted winter dress and wear it over a pair of black leggings (you could even try leather look ones), to add some warmth and coverage. Head to Asos and check out their incredible range of affordable, yet chic winter style dresses 

As for styling jackets with skirts and dresses, I always wear a more cropped style. This is so the jacket isn't swamping the entire outfit, and it also provides excellent structure and a clean look. Blazers are also a great go-to for wearing over a winter dress, as is the classic leather jacket. 

As for my picnic check poncho, I have a slight confession to make. I purchased it from Witchery Kids! Sadly for me, I am a very short lady, so I am able to (only when I find decent pieces), fit into some kids- wear garments. The picnic check poncho can be found here, and I simply love it regardless of where its from! I purchased the largest size, and it still has plenty of room.  

I hope this all helps you, thank you so much for your question! 

Do you think its appropriate to wear flats out on the town?

Yes of course it is! Just because you don't want to wear heeled shoes, doesn't mean that you still can't look stylish while out during the evening. If I wear flats out for an evening look, then I ensure that they a) fit me correctly, b) are comfortable, and c) have a little touch of sparkle that adds to the evening look! This could be in the form of an embellishment, colour or style, that makes them that little bit special. Too often I have worn heels out, and seriously regretted it, so flats are such an excellent option to ensure that your feet are feeling good (and looking it too).  

Rock those flats girlfriend!

You are so beautiful and I love your blog! Tell us more about yourself :) Maybe 5 facts? xxxx

Oh thank you very much for your kind words, it means a lot that you love Bellamente Style. I always find it hard to think of five facts about myself, so here goes!

1. I am an only child- don't judge me though, I do love to share; 
2. I am left handed- people always get a shock when they see me sign something with my left hand, as if its a disease or something;
3. I am in my final year at University (in Canberra, Australia), and am planning to move away as soon as I finish my degree onto bigger and better things;
4. I am a bit of a fitness addict. I run, jump, skip and stretch at any chance that I get; and
5. I hate fashion..... JUST KIDDING! I think its pretty obvious that I am an absolute fashion lover, and a chronic shopaholic!

Thank you for your question,


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