Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Do you know where I can get some super comfy but also cute pyjamas for winter?

Two words: Peter. Alexander. I literally live and breath in his pyjamas all year round! He makes some super cute and funky designs, and is constantly updating and selling new stock. Now that its Easter time, his current collection is seriously cute, you should definitely head to one of his stores or online to take a look! If you're also after some cute bedroom accessories- socks, slippers, dressing gowns, candles, eye masks- Peter has you covered. 

Happy PJ shopping! 

Hey Jem! Best brand of jeans?

Hey there!

Such a great question and I'm super glad you asked. First of all, if you are wanting a good quality pair of denim jeans, then you must be prepared to spend the money. However, these jeans will last you a lifetime! I currently have two favourite denim jean brands that I purchase from regularly. 

- Sass and Bide. I'm not joking in saying that I purchase at least 2 pairs of Sass and Bide jeans per season because they have the absolute best fit, and are super comfortable and stylish. Sass and Bide jeans last long, and are extremely durable. Definitely invest in a pair. 

- J Brand. J Brand is the Queen of the denim jean. When you own a pair of J Brand jeans, you own the world when wearing them. They. Are. Incredible. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours, J Brand denim jeans are a serious must have. Even A List celebs wear them! 

It's also a known fact that you should only wash your jeans after wearing them 3 times. This is because when they are washed, they lose their shape and stretch. So unless they're really dirty, maybe leave the washing till after your next wear! 

Hope this answers your question!


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