Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hey Jem, would love to know your take on the Cassie Van Den Drungen "too skinny" debate. As you were at the show, was it really as bad as what the media are portraying it as? Xx Nicola

Hey Nicola!
This is such an excellent question, however it’s one that I answer with sadness and disappointment. Interesting words to choose to use I know, but definitely the right ones.
I did in fact attend the Alex Perry show yesterday at Fashion Week and I’m not going to lie in saying that as soon as Cassie stepped onto the runway, I gasped. The first thing I noticed was her legs- they were definitely abnormally thin, to the point where it was almost cringe worthy. Not only that, but Cassie also looked quite ill. The girls that I was sitting next to at the show all noticed as well and looked at each other in utter shock.
As we all have been shown through the media, being a model is extremely tough not only mentally, but physically also. It was clear to me that these models, and Cassie in particular were of a weight that was freakishly thin, and quite simply; it was devastating to see.
However in saying this, there were models that walked Alex Perry yesterday who had bodies that were lean and toned- and they truly stood out because they fitted the clothing and had a relatable size.
I guess what I’m saying is that I seriously feel quite saddened and disappointed that to this day the issue of model size and weight is still apparent. No model, especially Cassie, should feel as though they should starve themselves to fit in with a particular stereotype, and no model agency nor designer should condone it either.
It is also interesting to note that the Editor of Marie Claire Magazine, Jackie French actually called Cassie’s modeling agency to see why Cassie is a thin as she is- and good on her I say! This seriously shouldn’t be happening.


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