Thursday, 3 April 2014

This winter, what are the most on-trend styles of the following : shoes, jackets, colours, jeans.


Excellent question. I've been asked this one a fair bit, so its great to see you guys wanting to keep on top of the latest on-trend styles. As we all know, trends are forever changing, so sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the latest fad. However, here is my list of current trends, or previous ones that are sticking around for a while!

Shoes: Lets just get one thing sorted. I hate Birkenstocks. This was a fad that hung around for a little while, and to be honest; I was never a fan. However, current shoes that are on-trend this season include espadrilles, knee high and thigh high boots, faux fur ankle boots and brogues. These are all perfect shoes for the cooler weather. I am yet to purchase myself a pair of knee-high boots, but they are definitely on my list!

Jackets: Camel and grey coloured jackets/coats are definitely on-trend at the moment. Almost every high-street store has gorgeous styles in stock, and they are great for pairing with absolutely any outfit. The military style jacket is also coming back into fashion, as is the trusty anorak- perfect for wet weather. 

Colour: This season you can't go past the lovely soft pastel shades of pink and blue. These are definitely in at the moment, as are the classic blacks, whites, greys and camel colours. In terms of patterns, stripes are still on trend (which is excellent because I am a massive fan), as are hints of monochrome. 

Jeans: The structured boyfriend jean is definitely on trend at the moment, as well as distressed denim. Drop crutch pants are also making their way in, however I am not the biggest fan of them. Black denim jeans I definitely feel will be a staple item in wardrobes this season, as they can be worn day/night, and are super comfortable! 

Hope this answers your question! 


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