Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hi Jemma! I am thinking of buying a pink coat for winter but I am worried that it might be a little bit too 'fashion-forward' and I won't be able to wear it next season... what are your thoughts? xx

Hello there!

Such an excellent question. I am actually so very glad you have asked this because I have honestly been asking myself the same thing! I too have been contemplating purchasing one since I saw them in stores. 

In answer to your question, I think that if you truly like an item of clothing, not just because its 'in fashion'; then purchase it. If it looks good on you, fits well and is comfortable, then why not? I also think that pink is a colour that is forever in fashion anyway (its beautiful!)- if you can pull it off then why not flaunt it? 

Also, you never know what may be 'in or out' next season. For all we know- pink coats might be here to stay! Hope this helps, and feel free to show me any particular pink coat you have your eye on, I would love to see!



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