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Hey Jem, I read your blog post on Pastel Pink and you mentioned wearing the mid-length skirt because it suits your body shape. I was wondering if you would be able to make a post about body shapes and how to dress to accentuate and 'hide' (I say that with want of a better word) features. Thanks! xx


This is such a great question, and I'm so very glad that you asked it because lets be honest, not many women understand how to dress for their body shape. First of all, no one should want to 'hide' (I can't seem to think of a better word either) their features, as I believe that every women is different, and that we should each show off what our beautiful bodies have to offer. However, I will agree that regardless of this, we should wear clothing that definitely fits us properly, and makes us feel comfortable and look amazing. 

In my opinion, there are 4 main body shapes that women may posses: 
Pears, Hourglass, Apple, Column
(Just to make it clear, absolutely none of these body types suggest that any woman is overweight- everybody's shape is different and unique)

Pear Shapes

If your hips and backside are wider than your shoulders, you're the lucky owner of a pear-shaped body. Pear-shaped bodies typically have a smaller bustline as well. Depending on your overall proportions, bustier pears may actually be an hourglass body style. In order to dress for you body shape, you need to accentuate, and focus the attention upward. 

1. Opt for slimmer, fitted tops, button-down shirts, as well as cardigans that show off your incredible upper half.
2. Wear shirts or dresses that have an embellished neckline- these will instantly draw the eye upward towards the slimmest area of your body.
3. Layers are key. This can add a balance to a pear shaped body. 
4. So can A-line dresses and tops that emphasise the upper body, whilst also slimming your lower half. 
5. Have some structure in your wardrobe- if you wear baggy clothes, or outfits that just don't sit right, then it will show. Buy pieces that are your size and fit you properly. This could also include adding a structured blazer to your outfit, or wearing tailored pants. 

Hourglass Shapes

If you have a slightly round and curvy shape, with a well defined waistline, fuller hips and chest, then you have the beautiful (and yes I do mean that) hourglass shape. Due to the society we live in today where women are constantly exposed to images of what we should/ shouldn't look like, many hourglass shaped women think that they should in fact hide their curves. These women run the risk of dressing in outfits that just don't fit. Hourglass shaped women have a chest and hips that are about the same size, with a narrow waist. This gives them super sexy, killer curves! 

1. Dress in clothing that follows the curves of your body, rather then trying to hide them. This will make you look and appear more balanced, as well as feminine. 
2. Considering you have such a beautiful waist, make sure you wear tops that show off this amazing asset. These should all be tops that are fitted, and nip in at the waist, without adding any bulkiness to the chest. 
BIG NO NO: steer away from bows, or embellishments- these will add too much volume to the top half.
3. Always go for jackets that draw in towards the waist. Look for form-fitting and belted jackets
4. The same goes for dresses, opt for ones that also draw focus to your waist- this is your best asset, so show it off at every opportunity you get!
5. Skirts are definitely best when high-waisted, as low waisted ones only add bulk to your lower half. The same goes for pants and jeans, opt for mid of high rise styles. 

Apple Shapes

A women with an apple shape has gorgeous legs (that are seriously to die for), an ample bosom, and tight buns that every pear figure dreams of having! Apple shapes also have a slightly fuller, less defined waist and tummy. But don't worry- we don't want to hide any of these features! The body parts we definitely want to draw attention to are your stunning legs, bottom and your cleavage. 

1. Wear darker colours on your top half, or tops that are of one colour- this will keep the area from looking too busy, and will also make your upper body appear smaller. 
2. High waisted skirts and pants will give you the appearance of a waist, as will tops that are wraparounds, or that have a tie around the waist.
3. If you are short as well, or just need a boost- then high heeled shoes will be your best friend. These will make you legs look longer, and your apple middle appear smaller.
4. Boot leg jeans will also help you balance out your lower body, and when paired with high heels or boots, you will have an outfit and figure to die for! 
5. Steer away from shirts that have a high neckline. This is a big NO NO. These shirts will without a doubt make your upper body appear out of proportion, and will make you look too chunky. Also, big shapeless garments that don't have any waist, is the worst way to hide your figure. Never hide away in baggy clothing. 

Column Shapes

Also known as the rectangle, straight-up-and-down shape, or the ruler; column shapes have straighter hips, small breasts, long legs and a flatter bottom. You most likely will have a very enviable waistline, and lovely long limbs that are great for showing off! However, getting clothes to sit right on your body and fit properly, will be your biggest problem.

1. Soft, A-line skirts are most flattering on your hips, as they give you the definition that you need. They will also add a gentle flare to your shape.
2. Keep jackets and shirts as fitted as possible, and look for angular cuts and detailing that will give you the illusion of curves
3. You can get away with wearing just about any cut of pant- but steer clear from high waists, as they can make your bottom appear even flatter. 
4. Avoid really low necklines- this can run the risk of over emphasising a small bust. A more open neckline is more flattering.
5. Drop waisted dresses, jackets and coats, will only emphasise your straight-up-and-down shape. 

So there we have it ladies, a long (and hopefully helpful) guide to dressing for your body shape. I hope that you have found this useful in some way. If you have any further questions or querys regarding dressing for your specific body shape, then please message me. I would love to help out!

Thank you so much for your questions also.


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