Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What is olivia palermo's job?

Ahh Olivia Palermo- my absolute favourite style icon and Queen of fashion! 

Pretty much, Olivia is an America socialite. However, before gaining a name for herself from staring in The City, Olivia actually studied a degree in media in New York and Paris. Olivia has also worked various PR roles, as well as for Elle Magazine, and she is also a model - which is what she mainly focuses on now, being the face of many designer brands. Recently, Olivia also launched her website:

If you love Olivia as much as I do, then you have to check out her website- especially during Fashion Week! 

PS. When I was in London recently, I spotted Olivia shopping in Notting Hill and almost died of excitement! So much so that I even forgot to take a photo of her! Definitely regretting that now! 

Hi Jemma :) For me Winter is always about staying warm and usually that means a lot of thick warm clothing. What would you recommend to make a casual Winter outfit more feminine? Thanks :)

I completely agree with you, Winter is all about keeping warm. For me, thats always my number one priority, so I can definitely see how it is hard for any woman to look and feel feminine whilst doing so. In terms of making casual Winter outfits more feminine, I would opt for cute skirts or winter dresses, paired with tights, and a thick warm coat over the top. Not only will you be warm with the coat on top and tights on the bottom, but you'll be showing off your amazing pins! Opt for a wool style or jersey skirt/dress. A vast array of High Street retailers have some amazing winter skirts and dresses in stock this season, and they would look perfect paired with a basic long sleeved tee, and your favourite coat or jacket thrown over the top. Cute scarfs, beanies and other winter accessories can also instantly make an outfit more feminine- as can ankle or knee high boots. 

I simply adore winter, because the options are endless! Pair your outfit with a dash of coloured lipstick, and you'll instantly look and feel super feminine. 

Hope this helps!

Do you have any interests besides fashion, marketing, pr etc etc? I'm talking anything vastly different?

Believe it or not I have a true interest in History, particularly World War II. I have no idea why, but I seriously love reading and watching anything to do with past wars and conflicts. I also enjoy reading (books, not just magazines), as I feel that it is an excellent way to let my mind wander off into another world. I also have a strong interest in fitness, and I run every single day (if I get the time). Can I also say that spending time with my family and friends is also an interest? They are what motivate me to do what I do. 

Fashion and PR, they are definitely my interests and to be honest, it's what I spend a lot of my time on; but I do enjoy taking time out to spend on other things as well :) Hope this has answered your question!

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