Sunday, 27 April 2014

What trend pieces will you be taking to Europe this Summer? I guess what I'm asking is, what are the must haves for the European summer, because I'm holidaying there and want to be on the fashion ball!

Hello fellow European traveller!

Such an excellent question, and I wish I had received some advice on this before I travelled over to Europe last summer- because I seriously did overpack. When I say overpack, I mean that I had to travel back to Australia with 3 pieces of luggage- which was a tad more than I had travelled over with. This was simply because I had packed my ENTIRE wardrobe for the trip, and had also shopped up a storm whilst travelling. 

The mistake I made? Packing 10 of the same items of clothing, and forgetting to realise that I would in fact be purchasing quite a lot whilst over there. So, this post is definitely helpful for me, as I'm sure it will be for you.

Trend pieces that I will be taking to Europe this Summer include:

- light tees/singlets- pack around 3 different coloured light t'shirts/singlets as these will be perfect for casual, every day wear- and being super thin, they will keep you cool.
- denim and silk shorts- again, these are perfect for every day wear- especially silk ones as they will keep you EXTRA cool, and are also perfect for wear to the beach or for an evening look.
- plenty of simple, preferably white or light coloured dresses- trust me you will live in these. Not only are they nice and easy to pack in your suitcase, but will be your saviour for those super warm days when you want to feel as though you're almost wearing nothing!
- a white scarf- perfect if you're travelling to areas where you will be visiting churches or temples. Also ideal for cover from the sun
- a fedora hat. This is a definite must have! I recommend you head to to grab yours!
- a collared, white shirt- when paired with denim shorts, this outfit will look perfect on any European sun kissed body! 
- a Camilla kaftan- this is more of a specific trend piece, however it is one that you seriously won't be able to live without when travelling abroad. They are a tad pricey, but are also super versatile and absolutely perfect for the European summer. Imagine yourself sipping a delicious cocktail on a warm evening in Greece, wearing a beautiful, bright and chic Camilla kaftan! Enough said. 

Like I said, pack lightly. I have heard too many horror stories (including one of my own), where travellers have had to pay excessive amounts of money for overweight luggage because they have made a few simple packing errors. Trust me when I say that you WILL shop overseas, so make sure you leave some room!

Hope this has helped you. Where abouts are you travelling? Maybe we will cross paths! Email me at 



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