Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Fashion magazines. If you're a crazy fashion addict like me, and obsess over when the next issue of Vogue or Elle is coming out, then this post is for you.

For me, reading fashion magazines is my research. Research for what exactly? For everything! You read a fashion magazine and you receive a wealth of knowledge in return. Not only are you shown whats hot or in style for that particular month, but fashion magazines give you ideas. Ideas on what to wear, how to wear it, and general inspiration and an insight into the wonderful world of fashion.

For people like me who (unfortunately) do not have a career in fashion (not yet anyway), then reading fashion magazines is a way in which you can immerse yourself into a culture and way of life that is truly fabulous and full of fast paced, ever changing excitement.

Today I have decided to share with you my personal selection of fashion news media outlets (not just magazines), that I refer to, check daily, or simply read whenever I get the time.

Online Fashion News Outlets

POPSUGAR Australia- The ultimate go to for 24/hr a day coverage of all things fashion, celebrity, beauty, health and fitness related. Seriously, I check this site around 20 times per day- and thats not a lie. This wonderful site is constantly up to date with all the latest fashion, news and events stories. Once you see this site, you'll see why I'm so addicted to it. Head there right this second, you won't regret it.

Vogue- Most fashion magazines, will also have a website. Usually I'll just purchase the magazine, and won't actually head to the website. Who has time for that? However, the only fashion magazine that I do head to online, is Vogue. has a wealth of information, that isn't always available their magazines. This site is constantly updated on all things glamour and high end fashion. Definitely worth a look, I highly recommend their beauty pages for information, as well as their regular fashion photography photo albums. Perfect for those that want a little more in terms of high end fashion news.

Style- Are you addicted to runway shows and watching models strut their stuff on the catwalk? Then is definitely the site for you. This wonderful website is the go to for watching all the Ready to Wear Fashion Shows, seeing behind the scenes pics, and most importantly, who was in the Front Row. This site is perfect for monitoring and glueing your eyes to during Fashion Week.


Vogue- Again, Vogue is an obvious choice. In particular, Vogue Australia. Some would be surprised to know that Australia actually has quite an incredible fashion scene, and Vogue Australia brings that to us every single month. This is an excellent magazine for those of you that are addicted to and enjoy high end fashion, and especially enjoy reading well informed articles regarding all things designer, as well as opinions and views on the International fashion scene.

Elle Australia- I am going to tell you a little secret. This is officially my favourite Australia fashion magazine. Elle Australia ever since its launch last year, has surprised me issue after issue, month after month. Each time an issue of Elle lands on my doorstop (I'm a subscriber) I literally scream! Elle for me is like a bible. As I am a strong lover of both high end, as well as affordable fashion, this magazine provides me with both. Its easy to read, its informative, and each month I am seriously surprised at what the editors have come up with. Definitely worth a read for those who love designer fashion, but also love a little edge and adventure.

Shop Till You Drop- Now a twice monthly magazine, Shop Till You Drop is perfect for a quick read, as it is quite small, but certainly informative. This magazine features many high street fashion inspired articles and inspiration, so is definitely a magazine for those that steer towards affordable fashion. I simply adore this magazine because its easy to flick through for outfit ideas and general inspiration.

Marie Claire- Up until recently, I had thrown Marie Claire into the "old ladies" basket. Boy was I wrong! This magazine is definitely Australian fashion publication royalty. To me, it mixes Vogue with a touch of lifestyle and current affairs. This is perfect as I also enjoy keeping up to date with general news and events. Marie Claire features not only high end fashion, but also lifestyle, beauty, home and current affair articles. Such a broad mix, certainly worth a read.

So ladies, (and gents if you're interested), start researching as I call it. Each of these outlets will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and information on the wonderful world that is fashion!

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