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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Recently I had an enquiry from a lovely fellow fashionista asking if I could do a weekly post on my "Week In Pictures". Now, I'm going to be honest in saying that my weeks aren't always interesting, however they are always different, which I guess I kind of love. Some times they go on forever and I feel as though they will never end, and some times they are so action packed that I think I'll never survive to see the weekend!

This week has been quite a relaxed, yet at times fast paced one with both work, blog and other commitments. However, with Australia Day being at the end of the week, I was super excited to get my swimmers on, hop in the pool and enjoy a weekend filled with family, friends and lots of partying. So here we have it, my week in pictures.

I love starting my week with exercise. Not only does it make me feel amazing, but its a great way to let off steam from the previous week! Summer is the best time to get active; its warm, sunny and the longer days make it easy to get out and do your 20mins at any time of the day. 
Ive recently begun work as an Online Assistant with Frockaholics, an online clothing store that stocks the latest in designer fashion. The beginning of my week involved reviewing the latest Cameo the Label stock in our warehouse, photographing it and doing various write ups for the website. 

Midway through the working week I always need a pick-me-up. This week it was in the form of some M.A.C cosmetics. Canberra girls, head to the M.A.C team at David Jones for the very best in makeup. 

The end of the week calls for drinks in the form of alcohol, to celebrate the beginning of the long weekend! 

My favourite part of the week, the weekend. With 3 free days ahead of me due to the Australia Day long weekend, I've spent the weekend out in the sun- the best way to celebrate.

Thanks for your lovely request, keep them coming; I'm happy to answer any questions/ fashion enquiries at

Love xx


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