Canberra's Most Stylish: Daniella Jukic

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

In the coming week, OutInCanberra, the wonderful online magazine that I work for will profile the most stylish Canberrans for 2013. This year, with the launch of the extremely successful Fashfest, various other fashion events and rapid growth of style boutiques and stores, Canberra fashion scene has gone from strength-to-strength.

Having always had a love and passion for all things styling and fashion, Daniella Jukic - owner of Alice be Curious fashion boutique is undoubtedly one of Canberras most fashionable and stylish people for 2013.

Daniella is a woman whose experience in the retail and styling fashion scene, through her very popular boutique and styling business, as well as her PR knowledge that has led her to success.

Daniella recently talked to OutInCanberra about her love for style and, in particular, the people that influence her, the style trends and labels she loves.

1. Who are your style icons? Is there a particular fashion style that you follow?

I don’t follow a particular style, rather I dress for my mood. I like to think I am a chameleon. I will dress rock and grunge for one outing, then very lady-like for the next them turning it all around with a sexy and fun look.

My style icons would have to include: Rihanna and Cara Delevinge. Immersed in pop culture Rihanna is always walking the fine line of so wrong vs. so right. She wears prints, leather and bold shapes - all the things I love. There is something about Cara’s grunge look that I admire. She has such a relaxed, carefree casual look and has the ability to morph into elegance.

2. What were your personal styling highlights for 2013?

Image 1 - Taking a massive risk for Lloyd at Tongue and Groove . I wore a Chicago Bulls point guard Derek Rose jersey as a dress with Gladiator heels by Jeffrey Campbell. Lloydd even commended me on the outfit!

Image 2 - A friend’s wedding in November. Giving me a chance to be a bit more lady-like in Honey and Beau gown from my store and a classic YSL clutch I bought in NYC last year.

Image 3 - The Starlight Ball in March. This ball was white-themed, so I made a skirt to match a lace cameo top from my store Alice Be Curious.

3. What are you most enjoying wearing at the moment?

Four main things! Russian Red Mac Lipstick, Leather pants from Sass and Bide - I have hunted for years for a skinny leg leather pant that fits well! Asymmetric skirts and Boyfriend Jeans

4. What trends do you love to see and wear?

Printed pants or blazers. Actually I even love the matching printed top and bottoms. I think life is too short to just confide in black - although black is always my staple fall back when in doubt.

Clear heels. A trend that has been out for over a year I have to admit I love it. Brands such as Miista, Jeffrey Campbell and Mollini have fed my addiction.

5. What are some of your favourite brands and why?

Finders Keepers. They are Australia owned, edgy, on-trend and bring catwalk inspired looks with an affordable price tag. I also feel that their quality of their fabrics means they will last.

Jeffrey Campbell – Firstly, this shoe label is comfortable, but also offer designs with quirk, impact and statement. There’s nothing like a good pair of heels that you can dance all night in.

Dion Lee. This man in a genius. I love the innovative lines and silhouettes he creates and his acute attention to detail. His use of creative fabrics and exclusive prints makes him an industry leader. Hands down I would wear this every day if my bank account allowed it!

We are so lucky in Canberra to have people that not only love to provide fashion for us, but also enjoy and have a passion for fashion themselves. Daniella is definitely one of those people, and we wish her all the best for her future fashion endeavours for 2014.


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