Canberra's Most Stylish: Jade Le Flay-Schrooder

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Jade Le Flay-Schrooder is an all round Canberra superstar with a multitude of talents that have absolutely blown us away this year. As well as being super stylish and on trend, Jade is also a dancer, appeared on Australia’s Got Talent, a DJ, and is the designer of the handbag label ‘Jade Stone’ which was featured at both the recent Hustle&Scout Twilight Fashion Markets.

We recently sat down with Jade, outside of her busy schedule between Canberra and Sydney, to chat to her about her style, fashion loves, highlights and more!

1. Who are your style icons? Is there a particular fashion style that you follow?

I admire my all-time favourite designer labels Balmain and Dolce & Gabbana - always have and always will. However, I'd have to say that my closest friends are the ones whose styles I've followed the most! Knowing their personalities, unique quirks and how those loveable traits reflect on the way they dress for me, is most iconic!

In regards to my personal style, I'm drawn to any piece that fits my body well and makes me feel beautiful!

2. What were some of your fashion highlights for 2013?

I feel like this year has been the biggest year yet for fashion enthusiasts on Instagram and I'm happily partaking in the fun! I particularly enjoy the aesthetics of an account called @fashionary and love being transported into the world behind Vogue Magazine through their account @vogueaustralia.

3. What are you most enjoying wearing at the moment?

Definitely my Nobody cult skinny jeans paired with any cropped tee or singlet! I also bought a pair of pretty black high waisted shorts by Premonition about 3 years ago and I still love rocking them on those days where I have 1 million errands to run!

For the office, I love pretty skirts with any suitable pair of high heels (I feel like I work better in heels!) and for events and parties, I enjoy off-the-shoulder or plunging necklines on lady-like dresses - anything a little flirty and fun!.

4. What trends do you love to see and wear?

Dainty ear cuffs, lace Bodycon dresses and white on white are the trends I am loving right now.

5. What are some of your favourite brands and why?

I'm big on supporting Australian talent, so Cue would have to be one of my favourite brands. As a designer myself I'm really proud of Cue for many reasons, mainly because their product is predominantly Australian made and their designs are incredibly durable! I think most women in Australia can go into a Cue store and find something great! The staff are always so fantastic and helpful too!

Jade is a very deserving contender for the Canberra’s Most Stylish People of 2013, we look forward to keeping track of Jade and her stylish projects and new ventures in 2014!


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