Gi-ven-chy or jee-vohn-shee?

Friday, 1 November 2013

If you're like me (a lover of designer labels) however frequently forget how to actually pronounce them correctly, then this post is for you!

Inspired by Vogue Australia's '101 on Designer Pronunciation', I thought I would share with you my own list of designer names and pronunciations you should know and learn before you make the mistake of embarrassing yourself!

Lets first start with one of my favourite French labels: Givenchy. Spelt differently to the way it sounds , the correct pronunciation is actually 'jee-VOHN-shee' (the G is soft). Hard I know, but just try and imagine yourself as a beautiful french lady when pronouncing it!

Herm├Ęs is another very common designer brand that I have heard pronounced in a variety of weird and wonderful ways. The official pronunciation is actually 'ehr-mez', as the brand is French therefore the H is silent.

Balmain, is one that I never thought I was saying incorrectly- how embarrassing. Correctly pronounced 'bal-MAH-n, this is yet another French label that is hard to pronounce, but when successfully done so sounds extremely elegant and high-fashion esq.

Moschino, is yet another label that I frequently would pretend I knew how to say. It is actually pronounced as 'moss-KEY-no' with a silent H.

Other key pronunciations you should know:
Balenciaga: bah-len-see-ah-ga
Comme de Garcons: comb-day-gar-son
Dior Homme: dee-oar-om
Lanvin: lon-vaun
Louis Vuitton: loo-e vo-we-ton
Rodarte: ro-dar-tay
Versace: ver-sah-chay
Yves Saint Laurent: eve sane-lor-aunt
Zegna: zane-ya

There you have it fashion lovers! Learn these and you will easily fit in when the conversation arises regarding high fashion labels!

Love xx


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