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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.
- Jean Cocteau

It’s a classic quote, and one that rings particularly true at Manuka’s favourite boutique Things of Desire. Here, style tells a story: of the garment and the wearer, and this is the personal philosophy of owners Angela and Alan. In a time of international High Street brands and global trends there is added charm and value in the individuality, uniqueness and, above all, history. Things of Desire can take you on this journey.

For 13 years, Things of Desire has graced the Style Arcade of Manuka providing Canberra women with garments and handmade jewellery unique to Canberra, and in some cases, Australia. With a mutual ‘love of beautiful things’ Alan and Angela have created a store that inspires people and truly creates desire.

Stocking approx 30 clothing labels, their own line of jeans under the brand ‘TOD’, as well as handmade jewellery pieces from Italy and Paris, Things of Desireis a small store with big ideas. ‘Classic with a twist’ is a fabulous description of what the store stands for, with quirky detail and touches of humour adding to a playful and personal feel.

Alan and Angela travel to Paris each year to gain inspiration and buy for their store. All items in the store are 100% ethically made - these pieces are not mass-produced. The A&A team works hard to build personal relationships with designers from Italy and France and beyond to select pieces they know their customers will love and embrace.

It’s because of this care that each piece stocked in Things of Desire comes with a story and history – from a tiny Parisian atelier or the Coopers' Building in Los Angeles – of which both Alan and Angela will happily tell you. There is an item of clothing for every personality in the store, whether it is a handmade piece from Paris, or a beautiful jewellery item produced by a designer family from Russia.

Things of Desire wants women to wear clothes and jewellery that few others will ever own. They want you to feel desire, to feel special and to be inspired. You’re not just buying pieces - you’re buying the experience and the story behind the life of the item.

For women that love the idea of owning unique, exquisite pieces (and who wouldn’t!?) Things of Desireis the perfect place to build on your own style story.

Things of Desire is open 7 days a week in Manuka’s Style Arcade. Enquire now about their VIP ‘Black Card’ club for an even more personal experience.

What? Things of Desire

Where? Style Arcade, Manuka

When? Open 7 days 


Article reposted from - written by myself, Jemma Mrdak. 


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