HOW TO: Dress like Olivia Palermo

Sunday, 15 September 2013

With her fashion forward style sense, incredible wardrobe, and ability to combine high end brands with high street labels, this women is certainly a 21st century IT girl.

Since first coming to fame from being cast in the reality television show, The City, Olivia Palermo has skyrocketed to being one of fashions most well known! She is constantly seen in the front rows of all the major fashion shows, as well as special events and designer launches. She even holidays with the fashion elite- with a recent trip to Greece with her model boyfriend Johannes Huebal and Valentino himself!

Now if you’re like me, and are inspired by celebrity and high fashion blogger style, then this is where my HOW To: Dress like Olivia Palermo is going to help you!

Skinny jeans

What I enjoy about Olivia’s style is the fact that she loves to wear jeans- without looking slouchy or too casual at the same time. For you, choosing the right pair of jeans is most important. They need to highlight your long legs- but also fit well at the same time! The right pair of jeans can last for a long time. You can wear them day to day dressed up or down.  

Denim/mini shorts

Now I'm not one for mini shorts, however Olivia pulls this look off with ease and without looking cheap! Olivia loves to pair denim with tights- in order to form a casual but cool look. Long jackets paired with shorts also evens out the outfit. 

Short skirts/ detailing

Olivia has an ability to combine a short item of clothing, with a long piece which then evens out her outfit. She does this well with the styling of skirts. Any skirts with detailing should always be balanced out with an even toned shirt. 

Ankle length trousers

This is one of my personal faves! Ankle length trousers paired with flats or a strappy heel are perfect for the Autumn/ Spring look when its a little bit warm. Olivia loves to pair hers with jackets or chiffon shirts. Every women needs to have a pair of these in her wardrobe! 

Coloured jackets

Colour takes up the majority of Olivia's wardrobe- and why not when you can flaunt it well! Always in trend and always on style, coloured jackets are a must have for all seasons to brighten up those dull days! 

Mini cocktail dresses

These dresses are a warm weather must have. Dressed up for night or down for day a women can never have too many. Olivia wears three types of cocktail dress; floral, geometric patterned, and solid colour. Get these three types and you're on your way to looking like a true fashionista. 

Faux leather pants

If you don't have a pair of these in your wardrobe then you need to! A pair of these will be your best friend during the cold winter days and can be worn both day and night with a slouchy jumper or designer top! 

Faux fur vests

Faux fur is always in. ALWAYS! Olivia pulls the look off without looking tacky at all. She wears fur with style and with passion and its definitely one of her go to pieces. 

So there you have it, Olivia Palermo's go to pieces.  Try and flaunt it and you'll be a true a fashionista! 

Till next time xx


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