Overseas travels so far!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Im back! Sorry for the delay in keeping you guys updated on my travels overseas, I have simply been far too busy! Over the past two weeks I have travelled around London, Paris and Switzerland and have definitely experienced many different cultures, people and more importantly; fashion. Below are just some photos of iconic fashion and fashion labels that I have snapped along the way. Over the coming two weeks I will be travelling back to London and will be posting more often- so prepare yourselves for an overload of information from one the the fashion capitals of the world!

Just a little taste of Oxford Street- London

Louis Vuitton- Paris

Hermes- Paris

Amazing bridal gowns by Meister Couture- Bern, Switzerland

Hermes- Bern, Switzerland 

Love to you all, and please stay tuned for London fashion updates! xx


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