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Sunday, 26 May 2013

The difference between style and fashion is quality.” — Giorgio Armani

With the European summer fast approaching, those that are lucky enough to be experiencing the wonders of this amazing continent need to be informed on what to pack and more importantly, how to pack! If you're like me and love to pack every single thing in your wardrobe and don't know how to pick one outfit over another, this blog post is for you! 

Firstly, as hard as it is, the most important thing when packing for a holiday is to prioritise, prioritise, prioritise! What do you really need, and what could you live without? And don't forget, the less you pack, the more room you have for shopping!

For those of you that want to pack appropriately, yet still be stylish whilst travelling; packing a few key pieces and basics is where you need to begin.

Key pieces for your trip abroad should include:

Jeans: A pair of jeans (preferably 2) are always key items to pack as they will ALWAYS be useful. Always! For those days or nights when the temperature is low, or even on a warm night paired with a nice shirt, trust me, jeans need to be in your suitcase! 

Scarf: Whether heading into a cold or warm climate a light or heavy scarf is a must have! Not only good for keeping you warm in winter, or for use as a shawl/shoulder cover in the warmer weather; a scarf is an accessory that can always dress up any outfit. 

Basic tops and singlets: Its always good to pack basic tee's and singlets that are compact and easy to store in the suitcase. You'll always need these basic essentials when travelling abroad. 

Dresses: Whether its an LBD, maxi, or cute summer dress, this is a travel necessity. If you can, try and bring one of each so that you have a variety of choices. Don't forget though, you will be able to purchase some amazing dresses overseas- so don't overpack! 

Shoes: Shoe packing I find is always the hardest. Do I bring sandals or covered shoes for walking? Will I need my runners to exercise? (lets be honest, who can be bothered to when travelling), should I pack thongs or just buy them over there? And how many pairs of heels? 

I have found that only 1 pair of heels is necessary a) because they are so awkward to fit in the suitcase and b) you can buy plenty of amazing pairs in Europe that you'll feel like an idiot for bringing so many with you. Depending on where you're going, 4-5 pairs of shoes is enough. 

Key pieces: Key pieces such as statement shirts, skirts and other bottoms should also be on your list to pack- these come in handy for the days when you feel like being a non tourist!

Jacket/Anorak: For my upcoming trip I will be travelling to London for a few days and from what I've heard it is absolutely freezing! Weather can be unpredictable, so packing a light jacket is also a must for those days when you're caught out in the cold or rainy weather. 

Swimmers: Probably my favourite item to pack, swimmers are small, compact and easy AND you can never pack too many pairs! Also, pair your summer beach look with a cute kaftan. 

3 key pieces you can't travel without: Sunglasses, a small bag for carrying belongings, as well as statement jewellery! 

Of course everyone is going to pack different things depending on where they're travelling but I hope this list has helped those who are struggling! 

Keep checking the blog for more travel tips and updates on my upcoming trip! 



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